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Communique 195 / August the 8th, .2007

In the summer of 2007, millions of conscientious supporters of the church and the government watched as arsonists, government and the church worked hand in hand to burn our country in one manner or another. The once lush green land of the Olympian Gods and the centre of the world has been transformed into a blackened and rocky desert yielding an ideal landscape for the mundane and illegal interests of the monotheists in celebration of their non-existent god of the desert and desolation. The last days have left thousands of our fellow citizens panic-stricken and searching desperately for an airplane to make a single drop to save their property and their lives. After years of conditioning by parents, schools and priests designed to induce a habitual mentality, these alarmed citizens are now becoming aware of the non-existent support of government mechanisms

Citizens who have been taught to never see the forest for the trees through their indoctrination by the government and the media into a culture of unadulterated selfishness, nonchalant attitudes and a lack of any foresight for our communal existence and the environment of our country. Yet the airplanes necessary to ensure adequate fire-fighting procedures were not available in our time of need. They were not available because the political authority and all their supporters never took an interest in acquiring new fire-fighting planes to replace the few aging CL-215 planes currently in our possession. The shameful truth is that the capital to acquire new planes was available but the government chose to rather donate the funds to the church. Each year, the government donates one billion Euros to the parasitical theocrats of the church that are even exempt from paying tax on their immense wealth through the continued preservation of scandalous laws. Had Mr. Karamanlis purchased planes with this donation to the church instead, he would have increased our fire-fighting fleet by forty planes each year (40 CL415 planes x 25 million Euros) and by implication, the entire disaster would have been avoided!

But for the existence of one law, each year the theocrats devour the public capital capable of purchasing the necessary fire-fighting planes. Yet no one speaks a word of this as though it is of no consequence to a country ravaged by the devastation of fire for the reason that an adequate infrastructure was not in place to deal with forest fires that cannot be extinguished by the few land services available. Instead of dealing with these worthwhile issues, the press, media and government bombarded us with lamentations and drivel as befits a society that only knows how to whimper and cross themselves.

Hellenes awaken! The true Gods live in the trees and the springs and the forest of your land and not in the synagogue of the God of the desert. Those who were responsible for the fires and those that permitted them to happen burnt the natural temples of the Gods of the Hellenes. They have burned the Soul of the Hellenes; your soul.

Demand justice and reforestation NOW!

Confiscate the wealth of the Church for the benefit of the nation NOW!

We demand a public apology to be issued to the victims of the fires and to all Hellenes, by those who chose to further enrich the theocracy rather than purchase the crucial equipment that will enable our country to combat the devastating effects of fire, both potential and realized.


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