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Communique 196 / November the 5th, 2007

The democratic citizens of this nation, including those who have already noted the country's decline, were left speechless by the recent actions of the Mr. V. Nikopoulos, chairman of the Areos Pagos, the highest political and criminal court of the land. Mr. Nikopoulos has issued a document addressed to the Minister of Justice to request the realisation of the two decade old theocratic dream to build an orthodox christian church within the vicinity of the court buildings of the Areos Pagos and the Court of Appeals in Athens.

When the theocrats first attempted such an initiative, they were met by the cowardly subservience of the State who logically feared the reaction from the general populace who had democratically elected them. Unfortunately, due to the current state of affairs as enforced by theocrats such as Christodoulos, Psomiades, Anthemos, Karadjapheres and Papathemeles, it appears as though all political and other restraints have disappeared. This is a sad reality for a country that once gave birth to free thought and especially democracy as well as one of the most noble and tolerant polytheisms within human history.
The said church is to be dedicated to a saint that theocrats herald as the 'patron of the justice procedure', Dionysos the Areopagite; the well known and historically non-existent figure whose personal mythologies seemingly present him as the first convert of Saul (Paul) in Athens. The church's dedication to this imaginary figure will honour him as one who apparently introduced something 'new' to a nation; Justice. This supposedly innovative idea finds its roots within the depths of antiquity where, as an Idea, it was recorded, philosophically propagated and greatly venerated as the virtue and Divinity of Justice.

Is the chairman of the Areo Pagos unaware that the practice of sacred ceremonies and the zealous promotion of the building of churches within the court districts as well as the public display of religious icons and symbols in the halls of Justice is a provocative impropriety that constitutes an insult to Justice and causes damage to the most basic function of Justice as a system? Surely the chairman wishes to promote the notion of Justice as one of complete ideological and religious neutrality towards all citizens?
We call upon all democratic Hellenes and all political parties, who truly are democratic above and beyond superficial public displays of democratic postures, to publicly acknowledge and to act without tolerance towards this attempt, or any attempt that may follow, to resurrect the dark byzantium era by the usual theocratic circles. We must not allow ourselves and our nation, Hellas, to regress to a time when personal freedom was challenged with hostility as was the freedom of the very country that gave birth to the idea of a free humanity and exalted the notion within its history.

Enough of the presumptuous revivalists of the dark ages!
Enough of the theocratic provocation!
Silence is complicity!


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