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Communique 197 / January the 8th, 2008

The 'Epiphany' at Dion

Without any particular surprise, we observed once again this year the celebrations of the christian 'epiphany' complete with the all too familiar nasal incantations and the participation of political and municipal leadership on our local television news programs. As is the common practice, each year the byzantine-loving representatives of the nation's political authorities; the 'princes' and 'principals' of local government crowd together with zeal to occupy seats close to bishops and other cassocked individuals in a public facade of their exemplary christianity.

However, there was a special surprise that awaited us this year as the television announcer on the channel for Pan Hellenic viewing triumphantly announced that a ceremony had been held to consecrate the waters of the archaeological site of Dion. From the televised news segments, it became apparent that there, in what had once been the holy city of the Macedonians, lay a swamp that had formed as a consequence of the diversion of the Vaphyros, a river held sacred by the Hellenes. The choice of this specific site combined with the intent underlying the national broadcast of the ceremony raises many reasonable questions that demand answers.

Did the Archaeological Authority issue a permit for the purpose of holding such a ceremony? Why does the local church persist in emphasising its presence with their insistent selection of sacred ancient Hellenic sites as venues for their ceremonies? Is the church's attitude caused by their growing concern regarding their ever-diminishing flock over the passage of time? Or does the church see their Helleno-christian myth wearing thinner with each year that passes by? Perhaps the Church does not consider the desecration and destruction of Dion by Alaric and Arcadios as enough to sufficiently 'sanctify' the place? Perchance, could it be that the church believes that as a result of their 'purification' ceremony that the Gods of the Hellenes will desert the vicinity and that in place of the river Vaphyros, the river Jordan will flow?

The Gods of the Hellenes do not understand byzantine babble. They existed, exist and will always exist as They spoke, speak and will continue to speak to the hearts of more and more Hellenes who discover and follow the path of our Ethnic self-determination. And our Ethnic self-determination is a river that does not flow backwards.


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