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The organisational and operating structure of the YSEE is based upon the model of the Ancient Hellenic Polis (city-state). Within this analogous structure, there are two kinds of members; the "full citizens" or OMOIOI (equals/those who are similar) and the Financial Contributors. However both kinds of members enjoy the services of the Polis thus sharing the same responsibility of ensuring its development, survival and functionality.

Within the YSEE, "full citizens" or OMOIOI are both the Constitutional Members and the Active Members. The latter are members that have upgraded themselves to the status of 'naturalised citizens' after financial contribution to the organisation for a period of at least two years as well as having taken the oath of dedication to the aims of the YSEE. These aims are the INSTITUTIONAL RECOGNITION OF THE HELLENIC ETHNIC RELIGION and the FULL REINSTATEMENT OF THE HELLENIC ETHNIC AND CULTURAL IDENTITY.

Five or more OMOIOI have the right to apply to the YSEE to create and administrate other organisations thus continuously expanding the Polis. These new organisations are constitutionally established as Non-Profit Organisations and reproduce the three-tiered structure of the YSEE; i.e. Constitutional Members, Active Members and Financial Contributors.

The constitutional aims of each of these new organisations must contain the following statement: "And finally; to morally, materially and actively support the Supreme Council of the Ethnikoi Hellenes (Athens Magisterial District 8201/7.71997 amendment 7896/20.6.2001, amendment 4261/1.4.2003) as is stated in the Constitution as well as to support the institutionalised recognition by the Hellenic State of the Ethnic (Pre-Christian) Tradition and Religion."

There are four categories of organisations that may be founded in the aforementioned manner:

  • KOINA (*): with reference to expansions in a geographical sense;
  • ATHENAIA: with reference to specific areas of action such as educational, cultural or philosophical groups;
  • THIASOI: with reference to ceremonial groups;
  • ETAIREIES: with reference to miscellaneous groups dedicated to specific actions such as the establishment of libraries or the mobilization of activist citizens for ecological or political intervention, etc.

(*) The organised collectives or communities of Hellenes in the vast domain of the Hellenistic world were known as Koina (Koino - singular; Koina - plural)

The first two categories of membership (Constitutional and Active Members) of the above mentioned organisations must be "full citizens" or OMOIOI of the YSEE. It is essential that the total of the membership of the Koina and the Etaireies must be Financial Contributors to the YSEE. The Constitutional (and Active) Members of all four categories of organisations may naturalise (i.e. swear in and upgrade) new members with only a simple update of the central membership register of the YSEE.

The sum of all the legal entities of the Ethnikoi Hellenes (YSEE, Koina, Athenaia, Thiasoi and Etaireies) comprises the Totality of Ethnikoi Hellenes and is continuously expanding. This Totality will accept already existing organisations who wish to be incorporated into the YSEE with the understanding that their aims and intentions are compatible to those of the Ethnic Hellenic Religion. Any pre-existing organisation that wishes to be incorporated into the totality is subject to the compulsory requirement that five of their legal administrators undergo the naturalisation process of the YSEE.

An entity that wishes to distance itself from the Totality does so with a simple letter to the current Secretariat of the YSEE. Naturally all members of an estranged entity automatically lose their citizenship within the YSEE. Furthermore, the YSEE reserves the right to unilaterally distance itself from any organisation if deviation from the aims of the Totality may be proved. However, in such an instance, the advocacy for separation must have the support of at least two other organisations within the Totality.

The aims of the Totality of the Ethnikoi Hellenes are the FULL REINSTATEMENT OF THE HELLENIC ETHNIC AND CULTURAL IDENTITY as well as the INSTITUTIONAL RECOGNITION OF THE ETHNIC RELIGION OF THE HELLENES AND ITS RESTORATION through achieving THE STATUS OF A RELIGIOUS BODY as has been discussed in the YSEE Memorandum 7.5.2006 addressed to the political and civil authorities of Greece. At present, the attainment of the status of a religious body is not possible as current Greek Law does not make provision for such recognition.

At whatever time in the future that these aims are realised, an International Congress of the legal organisations of the Totality at that period in time will be convened. The purpose of this Congress will be the election of THE LEGAL religious leadership of the GENUINE HELLENISMOS.


The genuine Hellenismos demands nobility of the soul and zeal for personal excellence.

The genuine Hellenismos consists of an UNBROKEN CULTURAL UNITY of language, paideia (knowledge and training), way of thinking, collective organisation, lifestyle, ethical standpoint (Arete) and specific religious views.

Knowledge and daily practice of Arete play a central role in the cultivation of Hellenismos which has proved that it does not avail itself to people that are slothful, or unwilling to expand their consciousness. 

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