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Definition Of The Term "Polytheism"

The word "Polytheism" is derived from the Greek words "poly" (many) and "theos" (God) and means "worship of many Gods". Polytheism is therefore defined as a belief in the existence of many Gods. It is the idea that there are many divine powers. It is the idea that divinity ultimately resides in many separate entities or beings.

There are many Gods and Goddesses. The Gods are the greatest and most powerful beings. They are wise and just. They are immortal. They are worthy of respect and adoration.

The Gods have many forms and they can reveal themselves in many ways. They are both immanent and transcendent. They are present in the elements and forms of Being. They are manifest in the forces of Nature, in matter and energy, but they are also transcendent beings not bound by any material form. The Gods can reveal themselves within the human or other beings, as plants or animals, or as material objects. There are no limits of form or being upon the Gods an Goddesses. They are what they choose to be.

Divinity is multiple and various, both in appearance and in reality. No single God or Goddess hides behind all the multitude of divine forms. The Gods and Goddesses are objectively real entities whose existence is not dependent upon the beliefs or actions of lesser beings. They are not archetypes. They are not imaginary symbols of human activity or of the human mind. They are not symbolic representations of natural events and processes.

The Gods and Goddesses are real. They exist. Their wisdom and power give shape to this World, to this certain form of Cosmos. Their beauty and grace will last forever.

The Gods and Goddesses are free and independent beings. They are equally divine. They are not controlled by any other entity or power.

The Gods and Goddesses are pleased when lesser beings FREELY acknowledge their existence and offer them respect and worship. They do not though need or require this acknowledgment. The all powerful Gods and Goddesses need nothing. They simply form whatever they desire.

(Scroll Of Oplontis, 1991)

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